Steve Brown's debut solo CD is rooted in a jazz sensibility, with Indian, Latin, African, minimalist, and ambient influences. Wide-ranging, personal, and soulful, its all-original compositions also feature some of the region's finest musicians, including Joe Thompson, Bill Swann, Rusty Holloway, Mark Boling, and the members of the hqband (especially Dirk Weddington). Available on iTunes, CD Baby, and at area record stores. See reviews below.



"Indian ragas and the idea of an African drum choir rotating around the bass line are just a couple of examples of the album's free-wheeling exploration of style and substance." Maryville Daily Times, 1/14/10.

"Deep and listenable and musically wide-ranging." Knoxville News-Sentinel, 1/14/10.

"The culmination of 30 years of songwriting and composing." Metro Pulse, 1/20/10.

"This disc is solid proof Brown should step out of the background on a regular basis..." Knoxville News-Sentinel, 2/5/10