2003 Blind Guru 4404

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Hector Qirko with Terry Hill

If Six Was Nine

One fine day Terry and I decided to play together again (we hadn't, except for an occasional gig or session, since the Balboa days in the 80s). We began by his playing on four songs I was working on in the studio. Unfortunately, due to his illness, that was as far as we got. But both because of his musical contribution and our plan, I thought we should put the songs out as an EP. Several people donated their work in making this recording, in particular Buddy Jackson and Karinne Caulkins, who did the CD art and design, and Dirk Weddington and Jim Williams from the hqband. So after we recovered some unusually low production costs, all proceeds go to the Terry Hill Scholarship Fund, which was created after Terry's death to provide financial assistance for music instruction (for more information on the Fund, contact Pick 'n' Grin Music, 865-588-5363).

I hope you enjoy the music and another opportunity to hear Terry Hill's beautiful guitar playing.

Hector Qirko


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