Steve Brown grew up listening to the music of his older brother and sister (60’s and 70’s rock and roll, the usual suspects: the Beatles, Beach Boys, Santana, Hendrix, etc.) and his parents (the light pop and folk music of the time: Herb Alpert, Simon and Garfunkel, pre-electric Dylan; big band jazz: Goodman, Shaw, Miller, the Dorseys, Ellington, Basie; and classical music: Beethoven, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Ravel, etc.).


After enrolling in middle and high school band and orchestra programs (including the Knoxville Youth Symphony and later the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra), he threw away an excellent education and any hope for a financially remunerative career by falling in love with jazz and earning a BM (that’s bachelors of music, folks) in jazz and studio music at the University of Tennessee (“why don’t you get another degree as a backup?” said his father, who was absolutely correct) studying with Jerry Coker, Ed Soph, and Bob Moses in the process.


A second musical education began when the ever-inquisitive and curious Mr. Brown bought a double album (yes, in the pre-CD late 70’s) called the Nonesuch Explorer Series Sampler. Being especially impressed with the mbira music of (then) Rhodesia, the highlife music of Nigeria, and the monkey chant of Central Africa (Archie Shepp and Pharoah Sanders got nothing on these guys), as well as the harp music of Mexico and the ragas of Northern India, Steve began a love affair with what has since become known as “world music.”


His third musical education began when Hector, who taught guitar at the time, said to Steve, who taught drums at the time at the same music store, “Hey, I’m thinking of forming a blues band – you wanna play?” Since then he began playing every facet of the blues with the HQ Band. (And then jazz, rockabilly, reggae, cumbia, samba...)


And later, in addition – and in order –some more musical education: the Curb Feelers (American roots music, r&b, blues), Bluefish (soul, funk, blues), RB Morris and the Irregulars (original music, poetry&music, roots music), Crawdaddy (ska, reggae, soul, blues), and Terry Hill and the Semiconductors (original and world music).


From the first moment the HQ band played together it just felt RIGHT (and good!). And it still does.