I started playing Honky Tonks at 13. I learned everything on the fly. The music was Rockabilly and Country. By 1969 I had performed alongside Sun Records artists Charlie Rich and the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis. I had a great private teacher who turned me on to Jazz and by 10 th grade I was committed. I studied Jazz in college with Jerry Coker and lived in Miami Florida the year following graduation. I played Salsa and Country Western that year and practiced hard. In the fall of 1978 I moved to Manhattan. I played with Salsa giants Charlie Palmieri and Tito Puente. I played Jazz at Ali’s Alley with Ed Palermo. I toured with a 14 piece Haitian band, but mostly I practiced. I spent many hours playing with my neighbor saxophonist Joe Lovano. In 1982 I returned to Knoxville to play the World’s Fair. I liked it enough to stay. I’ve been part of the HQB since 1985. We speak with one voice.