My Ear is Enjoying Itself

Well both of them. Actually.

I went through a very intense period of looking for something new and exciting on I-tunes, the Apple internet music service. I got really excited about it. The freedom it gave me. The possibility of the freedom to look. I wanted freedom in music looking. Something to help me find freedom in music. I wanted that free feeling.

Anyway, I sampled maybe a hundred bands and artists. There was some good stuff on there. There were a few things that really caught my ear. My ear enjoyed itself. Sometimes my ear was feeling gypped. Lots of times.

You know that feeling you get sometimes on New Years or Valentines Day when the expectation is so high and reality is only good. I got that feeling after my intense look for something charge me up.

But do you remember the feeling you got on that one great New Year's Eve where you didn't plan so well and everything turned out great? Fabulous? Magic?
A time marker, even.

Well, to make a longing story a bit shorter. And we all have longing. It's what makes life good.

But anyway.

I realized I was longing for THAT record. You know the one, the one you got when you were 18 or 60, that caught you ear and wouldn't let it go. The one you played for everybody that came over. And most of the folks got it. And if they didn't, they still thought it was cool you were that happy about something.

So off I went all over I-tunes and such. And I didn't find it.

Then one day in the mail a humble cd came in the campus mail to my work. UWP was on it. And music was in it.

And there it was, in my back yard, what I was looking for. Just like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I keep playing this record over and over. And they get it right every time. And I'm jealous. But the joy kills the jealous.

Joy can do that.

There is joy and imagination side by side on this recording. This is what makes a great record. And this is a great record. This was what I wanted. And for one of the few times, I got what I wanted. And there is nice subtle humor in here. Would more people learn how to do this?

My new favorite song is Work. I got this CD at work. And that song was my soundtrack for the day. I worked better with it on. So much music out there seems to want to drain you. This feels/fills me back up. I got off work and was full of energy due to Work.

And what all is in here? Everything. I swear I hear excited Balinese chants, the Mexican Police, some bag of ideas giving the brain a massage from five different angles, soaring southern spirits, melodies lost and found, or that never were but we thought there were and by Francis Gum we're glad they are here now, an empty bag of tater chips, lost friends, creative creative creative, a symbol crashed, slide guitar, saxists, and sound.

I want more. I'm greedy. But I'm happy.

Todd Steed