The Movie of Life as Lived in the Mind


UWP – I don't know what this means. A very strange song and dance these 4 pieces, as much like Eliot's Four Quartets as say most any popular music collection. Maybe a precursor to what will come, more than a throwback to older shorter formats. Anyway, it is a book to digest, a sonic book, with words appearing on the soundscape here and there. In fact, the first piece, Freedom, is a manifesto of sorts. Although, I'm not sure if what is being requested, “please please please help me be free” from the confines of singing ‘the little song” certain ways is something new in popular music after jazz. But then, I've only listened to it a couple of dozen times and am still considering this. Certainly it is anchored in popular music, riding on the rhythms of James Brown and even covering a Hendrix song, If 6 was 9 . But beyond that, each of these works stretches the ears of what popular music or any music is. Hector Qirko and Terry Hill in collaboration again, this perhaps the last work Terry did before bowing out in November of 2002. A true master until the end, a great gift of music bestowed in his wake, but this somehow an ultimate finale. It is a severe mirror cracked over how the popular music mind works, Work , sound images accompanying a cut-up of the bizarre movie of life, Drugs , in this the new millennium, this new age of assassins, this new whatever the hell it is. Who beckoned this? Well, Hector Qirko is composer and director.


R.B. Morris