On a holistic sonic level, UWP combines cutting-edge guitar technology
with the players' yen for the primitive. The result of the collaboration
between Qirko and his longtime partner in the seminal Knoxville punk band,
Balboa, the late Terry Hill, alternately sounds like something going on
in a laboratory or a drawing room. With a few cave-shadows thrown in. It
is one surprise after another, yet meditationally rich--the kind of
music that, like great poetry, takes us on our own intellectual journeys.

On one level, UWP is the story of two great friends on their final
mission together in this world. Conjoined over Jimi's "Purple Haze" and
the Beatles’ "White Album"—all folded into the post-industrial age and
the new ironicism with more than a nod toward aboriginality—Terry and
Hector’s UWP is a salute to the times these two had together.

Jack Rentfro, editor "Cumberland Avenue Revisited: Four Decades of
Music from Knoxville, Tenn."