speaks in piercing color-forms, much like a barn on fire inside a cathedral of glass and metal. It questions you almost as much as it questions itself. What is this?

Why is this?
This feels good
Something is wrong hear/here
It's alright (but maybe not)

Two explorers; humble men, with conviction and irreverence to spare, opened my young ears and fingers to new worlds many years ago as the 70s bled fiercely into the 80s.

One explorer has left us.
One remains.

have much to say still .

How can I be objective about this recording? I cannot. I have too deep a love for both the men and their playing to be anything but an instant fan of their final recording, UWP. I offer no apology for this.

I urge you to plunge yourself into the fiery waters of this living document and let the rich soul of music for music wash over you. Let the magic in.

It would be easy for me to point-out my favorite parts, or go on and on about the insane mastery of all things guitar present on this disc but, for me, neither of those things really matter for some reason now.

The tunes do.
And what magnificent tunes we have been given!

Spiritual, reflective, immersed, inquisitive, funky, noisy, guarded, bluesy, searching sounds that need to be felt.

Yes, UWP is a barn on fire inside a cathedral!

Come on in and get your brain burnt, it's good for yer soul!

Carl Snow